DV  1 min. 50 sec. colour, stereo sound, scanned photographs to Digital Video  (this excerpt 1 min.)

this short film begins with a blast (low-res internet stream) at Trinity-site U.S.A. of one of the earliest filmed atomic explosions. It blends into a 360-degree registration of a fireball in the confinement of the artist’s studio. It’s an absurd combination of playing with fire on a cosmic and a personal scale.
It was made using 32 disposable camera’s, attached to each other linked with electromagnets. All photo-camera’s were exposed at the same time. By editing the separate images into a fluent movie time seems to be called to a halt . This is the same time freezing technique as used in a.o.  “Hovering over Wasteland”(1998), and in “Undertow”(1999).  This technique had it’s predecessor in Muybridge’s pre-cinematic photography, and was elaborately done by Tim McMillan early 1980’s, well before the Wachowski brothers ‘The Matrix’.