Soil&Green (video installation in four parts), this excerpt 1 minute.

Hyperfocused examination of inconspicuous plants growing underneath high-voltage power-pylons. A slowly changing, mesmerizing microcosm enfolds. Three episodes have been made thus far.

Video in UltraHighDefinition 15 min. looped. 9:16 portrait mode. no sound.

‘In the spring of 1973, the movie Soylent Green premiered in the US. The year the film takes place? 2022. While the 2022 the film depicts is—thankfully—much darker than our current situation, the message still holds up. When the film premiered, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and the Clean Air Act were very much in the country’s consciousness. 50 years later, warmer temperatures, soil degradation, and social inequality are more relevant than ever.’


other inspiration: Dürer, 1503

Das große Rasenstück Albrecht Durer 1503

Das große Rasenstück, Albrecht Durer 1503