DV 11 min. 30 sec. colour, stereo sound, Digital Video  (this excerpt 1 min 33 sec)


On invitation of Don Luigi Garbini of the Duomo Milan this video was produced for screening in the monumental cathedral during an event called ‘Pause’.

The video consists of seven parts, and is loosely inspired by the deluge theme (Genesis 6:5-7)

about the ‘Pause’ event:
..The video artists included Bill Viola and Michiel van Bakel.
The videos were projected on an immense screen that covered the entire wall on the other side of the front entrance to the Duomo. At the base of the screen was a stage for musicians and singers.
To permit the public to admire the ‘great multimedia event’, the benches occupying the cathedral’s central nave had all been turned toward the entrance, with their backs turned to the main altar.
…the altar wasn’t even visible anymore, obstructed by a framework holding the reflectors, projectors, and light and sound controls…

Thanks to Artache, Stefania Morellato