Video loop, 2019, 1 hour. this fragment 10′

Apollo cable landing point near Lannion (France).

360º video panorama, slowly, meditatively panning a circle in one hour. This is one in a series on transatlantic data cables, landing underneath beaches, rocks and dunes.
Via these cable landing points the physical internet connects continents.

The images are composed of three monochrome “color separations”, Red, Green and Blue*, taken at different moments throughout one day of the incoming tide of the sea. These separate moments (3000 still photo’s) are blended into one color video-animation, centering on the notion of time at the cable landing point.

*The so-called additive RGB model -applied in most screens today- was described for the first time by James Clerk Maxwell in 1855.

sound: sea and in the background human voices singing very softly.

4 screen version with 4 UHD videostreams total loop 1 hour. excerpt 2 minutes

Atlantic Cables Teylers Museum

A continuation of earlier panoramic recordings at different cable landing points:

Atlantic Crossing Cables

Made possible with financial support from the Mondriaan Fund