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Panorama Tata – a plumed serpent’s view

Dune Moss -Vertorama Tata

Soil&Green – Vertorama Beerweg

Bogwaters -interactive

Woven Web (Spring)

Woven Web (Summer)

Soil&Green – Winter

What Wide Web?

Soil&Green – Autumn

Soil&Green – Summer

Cyanotype on Glass I

Trichromy meditation

Dome | a million years wide


Glass Camera Cyanotypes


Dark Cameras | Donkere Camera’s

Lusthof / Pleasure Garden

Preparing Glass Sculptures ‘Dark Cameras’

Re-Sculpted in Time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal (Short)

Apollo Transatlantic Lannion

Re-sculpted in Time: Sanatorium Zonnestraal (installation)


Reflections in Blue

Hours of glass

Adieu Benjamin

Silicon Proun (time traveller)

Forest Paths | photo series

Forest Paths (forget Heidegger)


Transatlantic Cable Landing Points

Atlantic Crossing Cables

Glass Façade

TransAtlantic cable landing

Cosmic Debris / Gravitational Vibes

Magnolia (Full Spectrum)

Road trip to the Dutch mountains

Dark Cloud

Mill in Sunlight

Dutch Mountains

Jaagpad / Towing path

Utopian rack

Multicolor red granite

Slit Scan Pansicht


Bronze heads

Sacred concrete redox


Zen Garden


Burning Gas Station

Hortus (Magnolia) (2013)

Fly-over (2013)

Edison Bay (2013)

Face to Face (2013)

Natrium (Sodium) (2012)

Vision Thing (2012)

Rushing Standstill (2012)

Filament Model (2012)

Mist Scrapers (2012)

Great Library Redox (2011)

Hortus Conclusus (the enclosed garden) 2011

Walking City Redox (2011) short film

Walking City Redox (2011)

Untitled (Megaphones, 2011)

Spaceship Earth Redox (2011)

Ataxia (2010)

Limes Liberator (2010)

Sensibel (2009)

Baghdad Battery Mystery (2009)

Untitled (collision carpets, 2009)

de Oorsprong (2009)

Collision (2008)

Collision (2008)

Ozymandias (2008)

Panopticon (wall object, 2007)

Inner Machine (2007)

Zarathustra an der Schönen Blauen Donau (2007)

Scheepshoorn (2006)

Videoclip Miss Antarctica (2006)

Panopticon, 2006

Time Ring (2006-2008)

Anatomic Panopticon (2006)

Wheelwalker (2005)

Pendulum (2005)

An Atomic Theatre (2005)

Skywalker (2005)

Zinc Garden (2004)

Corrente (2004)

Narcissus Narcosis (Cone version 2003)

Equestrian (2003)

Narcissus Narcosis (Cylinder version 2002)

5 AM (2002)

Red Rose (2001)

Minitaurus vs. Machineman (2001)

Revolution (2000)

Videosphere (1998-1999)

Undertow (1999)

Trinity Studio (1999)

Perform Yourself (1998)

Hovering over Wasteland (1998)

Selfportrait at home II (1998)

Exploded View (1997)

Self-portrait at home (1996-1997)

Oneindige Cocons (1995-1997)

Diabolo (1996)

Desinformation Kit (1993)

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