Poppies (2014)


Poppies HD video 16:9 no sound 4:40 min ∞ loop

Placed between motion and stillness, between beauty and nausea, a very slowly pulsating field of poppies is depicted in an unusual way. Time is slowed down to a near standstill and multiple perspectives and layers of time are forced into an eerie colourful image. A seductive image that provokes perception and reflection; as if looking through other than human eyes. Is it a drone’s eye view, is it an insect eye’s vision or plain hallucination?

Poppies have long been used as a symbol of death and resurrection in antiquity and the commemoration of casualties on the battlefield. Today it is spread from the opium fields of Afghanistan to the semi-wilderness of city-boundaries, wastelands and construction sites where the poppy germinates on the disturbed soil, as it does in this video.